Michele Pero


Participation sponsored by the Agenzia Consolare d’Italia a Wolfsburg

2023 // dignity

Hause #5

Photography on collodium wet plate, 24 x 18 cm

Hause #17

Photography on collodium wet plate, 18 x 24 cm

HAUSe #4

Photography on collodium wet plate, 18 x 14 cm

In the tradition of the family portrait Italian photographer Michele Pero developed a concept with a contemporary reference. In a fixed setting, Pero portrays citizens of Lüben in their Sunday clothes in front of their house. For the realization, the photographer uses the wet plate technique from 1851, the beginning of photography. The complex production process of a single image on a coated aluminum plate contrasts with the technical developments in digital photography and image processing. Thus the DIGNITY appears in the conceptual work approach, as well as the decelerated work process.

Andrea Grieß

Art teacher


1970 born in Città di Castello (Italy)

since the 90s as a photographer in numerous crisis areas: Croatia, Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo, Syria.

2002 foundation of the academy “The Darkroom”, Florence (Italy).

Many years of teaching activity recognized by the Italian Ministry of Culture

Selected single exhibitions

2017 »Camera Work by TheDarkroom«, numero zero, edito da Centro Italiano Firenze

2015 »Goodbye Sweet Home«

2015 »La dolce Vita Made in Germany«


2022 »Bones«, Tank Immagine Analogica festival – Ubaldini palace, Apecchio (Italien)

2018 »Antiche Tecniche in Mostra« – Collective – Caffè Letterario Le Murate, Florenz (Italien)

2016 »La dolce Vita Made in Germany« – Uffenheim; Wolfsburg

2015 »Goodbye Sweet Home« – Universität von Pisa (Italien)

2015 »La dolce Vita Made in Germany« – Florenz; Poppi (Italien)

2011 »Nei paesi delle Aquile« – Sansepolcro (Italien)

1998–2000 »Kosovo I Care« – Nürnberg

1998–1999 »Kosovo I Care« – Turin, Mailand, Bologna, Florenz, Rom, Neapel (Italien)

1997 Albanesi d’Albania – Sansepolcro (Italien)