Kunstsymposium/ Internationale Werkstattwoche

Since 1991

Since 1991 the cultural association Wittingen and the city of Wittingen have organized the art symposium International Workshop Week every two years in Lüben.

In the following we show you a small selection of recent history from three decades of Werkstattwoche.

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Borders – limitless?


The motto of the 12th international workshop week offered many points of departure for artistic and discussion. On the one hand, it establishes a reference to the founding idea of the workshop week after the opening of the inner-German border in 1989, on the other hand it shows a global approach: Where and how are borders set? How can they be overcome? What artistic means do we have at our disposal to deal with this topic? Where do borders lie within ourselves? Where do borders lie in art itself?

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of light


This was the theme of 2015, and not just because Unesco proclaimed 2015 the Year of Light. “Life doesn’t work without light. Light remains a constant challenge for artists. There is the brightness on which one depends to work, which must not be too powerless and not too glaring, because both would distort perception. And there is the light that shapes the works of art themselves in so many ways,” wrote art historian and journalist Ulrike Knöfel in her foreword to the 13th Workshop Week. You can read everything about the artists and the works again in the PDF.

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For the 14th International Workshop Week, the jury had selected 21 artists from twelve countries. They worked in the artistic fields of painting, drawing, photography, concept art, sculpture and graffiti under the common motto “reduce”.

Information about all participants can be found in the downloadable catalog.

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For the 15th workshop week, the jury had selected 22 artists from twelve countries: Brazil, Germany, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia and Taiwan. They worked in the artistic fields of painting, drawing, photography, conceptual art and sculpture under the common motto “Vibration – differences in cultures generate energies”.

The information about all cultural creators can be found in the PDF documentation for download.