Young talent?

Established artist?

Be part of art festival Werkstattwoche Lüben

from 27/06 to 7/07


  • international group of 17 professional artists, chosen by a jury consisting of Laura Heeg/Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Germany; Paula Marschalek/ Art Management Marschalek, Vienna, Austria; Dino Steinhof/Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Germany). In addition 3 young talents, chosen by members of Young Generation Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg.
    Complete group will be announced in December 2024.
  • exchange with artists from different cultures
  • 10 days free accomodation in private homes in rural idyllic village of Lüben;
    meals taken together in inn “Lübener Tenne“
  • accompanying program of workshops and music
  • yoga in the morning
  • on the last weekend: exhibition in the village
  • three of your artworks and your biography will be presented permanently:
  • huge appreciation by the local people
  • renowned, established event since 1991 – 17th Werkstattwoche 2025
  • cooperation with Young Generation from Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg
  • English language skills
  • young talents: studying fine art or design
  • established artists: degree in fine arts, design or comparable qualification
  • arrival in Lüben on 27/06/25 until 5pm; departure on 7/07/25 around noon
  • mandatory attendance for 10 days in Lüben
  • Arrival and departure at your own expense (to/from Wittingen train station; bus-shuttle to Lüben is provided for). Optional financial support for young artists (e.g. subsidy to travel costs) is possible.
  • bring along all necessary materials for your artwork (no shops for art supplies available in a 50 km radius)
  • interest in people and cultures and participation in group efforts (like setting upand dismantling the exhibitions etc.)
  • 5 images of recent artwork, 1 portrait
  • fully completed and signed application forms (pages 3/4 + 4/4), Art pros: list of exhibitions; consent to privacy policy
  • completed and signed CV
  • Jury-decisions will be published in December 2024.
  • Multiple participation is possible. No more than 2 artists from each nation
    (except Germany).
  • Printfolder with short biography and one application-artwork per artist will be distributed in spring 2025 in the local area to promote interest in werkstattwoche.
  • Accomodations in private homes means: don‘t expect hotel standards!
  • Beverages (except coffee/tea at breakfast) will be charged at the end of the week.
  • Temporary work spaces are set up in premises of inn “Lübener Tenne“ and
    surrounding barns. Willingness to improvise is mandatory. No printing workshops or comparable facilities!
  • All works that are shown during the exhibition and in the online gallery are created during 17th Werkstattwoche on location.
  • All artwork will be presented on the final weekend in premises of
    “Lübener Tenne“ and in the village. Temporary exhibition walls will be set up. Again: willingness to improvise is mandatory.
  • On Monday morning 7/07/25 three works of art per artist are photographed
    for the online gallery, so departure before noon is not possible!
  • You take all artwork home – make sure you’re able to organize the transport
    from Wittingen train station to your home self-responsible – mind this when planning techniques, formats etc or contact us in advance about possible logistical support options.
  • Let us know if you need technical equipment. we will look for solutions in
    cooperation with local providers; also the culture club Wittingen has a limited amount of technical equipment.
  • More information about Werkstattwoche:
  • Questions? Mailto


Dino Steinhof

Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

Paula Marschalek

Marschalek Art Management Wien

Laura Heeg



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