The 17th workshop week in summer 2025 will further develop the conceptual orientation.


The first workshop week in 1991 was motivated by the desire to revive contacts between artists in East and West that had been separated for decades. The first young artists were already involved and supported here. We are now taking this basic idea into the future with this reorientation:

Globalization is now much more pronounced. The workshop week connects people across borders, continents and cultures. We support young artists and also offer established artists a special place to develop in a protected environment. Through artistic discourse, we create a space and a platform for exchange, understanding and connection.


In future, special attention will be paid to promoting young artists from Germany and abroad.

We will offer up-and-coming young artists the space and platform to engage in artistic dialog with established artists over a period of 10 days.

For a creative exchange away from the metropolises, across cultures and generations: the workshop week as a place for joint growth and the

artistic exploration of socially relevant themes. With a variety of contemporary art forms: from painting, sculpture, installation,

photography to audio-visual forms of expression and performance.

Accompanying public workshop formats specifically address the younger generation. For the organization of these workshops and their implementation, we have entered into a cooperation with the Young Generation of the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg.