2023 // Dignity

growing and being

Mixed media (ink and ballpoint pen), 40 x 40 cmm

Sheltered Spaces

Mixed media (ink and ballpoint pen), 40 x 40 cmm

space of dignity

Mixed media (ink and ballpoint pen), 60 x 72,5 cm

Hiltrud E. Menz creates a series of abstract paintings on the theme of water. The ink applied to canvas in cold blue tones lead an uncontrolled life of their own. In the field of tension to the restless ground is the circular shape, a protective bubble, which thematizes thoughts and questions of DIGNITY.

Andrea Grieß

Art teacher


1964 born in Mannheim

1990 Diploma in illustration/layout with Prof. Nicolai Sarafov, studied communication design at the University of Applied Sciences for Design in Würzburg

Various pedagogical trainings in the field of art education

Participation in the Caricatura Summer Academy in Kassel

Selected single exhibitions

2019 “Gen Licht” – Médiathèque La Canopée, Azay le Rideau (France)

2018 “… you pulled me from the depths …” – Reinhausen Monastery Church

2018 “Ans Licht” – MHH Hannover

2017 Summer exhibition – gallery Kunstraum Karl Klopffleisch, Cologne, Germany

2016 “Carryover” – Torhaus Gallery, Göttingen

Selected group exhibtions

2020 “Climate Crisis” – Gallery Art Supplement, Göttingen

2019 “Unsere Göttinger” – Gallery of the Göttinger Verlag der Kunst, Göttingen

2019 “Zeitgleich-Ωeitzeichen – From A to B” – BBK at KAZimKUBA, Kassel

2018 Cultural exchange Torun-Göttingen – Centre of Contemporary Art, Torun (Poland).

2017 “Bildersturm” – Göttingen


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