2023 // dignity

Dignified home?

Mixed Media, 73 x 154 x 3 cm

Tarred and feathered

Mixed Media, 88 x 131 x 5 cm

Sanctuary in sight

Wasp’s nest, crocheted wire, 18 x 18 x 18 cm

The works of Ricarda Rommerscheidt show a strong reference to material and place. In her artworks and objects, she uses found materials such as feathers from an animal carcass, corn residue swept aside, an abandoned hornet’s nest. Rommerscheidt addresses the DIGNITY of those left behind finds. Sometimes these – like the hornet’s nest – are so fragile that a stabilizing crocheted wire mesh had to be added for the object-like presentation. Rommerschmeidt likes to use brown cardboard as a support, which can be easily cut to size and allows a departure from the traditional rectangular picture format. The works are often created directly at the place where they were found.

Andrea Grieß

Art teacher


1969 born in Bonn

1992-1996 Studies of Economics, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University Bonn

2011-2014 studies painting and drawing, Freie Kunstakademie Bonn

2016 Guest study sculpture, Alanus University Alfter

Exhibitions (selection)

2022 “Daughter – Mother – Grandmother” – OKKS Cologne

2022 “Gedankenfluss” – Kunstforum Düsseldorf

2021 “Painting” – Rheinhalle Remagen

2020 “Encounters” – USU GmbH, Bonn

2017 “People and structures” – Stadtgalerie Niederkassel


2022 “Perron Art Award” – Kunsthaus Frankenthal

2021 “RE-ART – Contemporary art trifft cultural heritage” – RE-ART hall Ihlienworth

2020 “15th International Meeting of Artists” – Galeria Anna, Góra św. Anny (Poland)

2019 “70 years of the Basic Law”, co-organizer of the traveling exhibition – a.o.:

Hessian Parliament / Wiesbaden, Parliament of Schleswig-Holstein / Kiel, Wolfgang Bonhage Museum, Korbach.

2018 “Face to Face” – Naklo-Slaskie Castle and Edith Stein Museum, Lubliniec (Poland)


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